6 Scotch Tape Life Hacks

Scotch tape is normally used to tape stuff like gifts, but it’s much more versatile than you think! Here are 6 great uses for scotch tape that you would never think of in your wildest dreams:

  1. Tic Tac Organizer

Say you need a refreshing tic-tac for your stanky breath, but “Oh no! How many are gonna come out?” It could be just one or it could be five! With this simple hack all your tic tacs are in a row! Tic-Tac-Toe!

  1. Security

Scared that your flimsy locks can’t keep the Booger Man out of your room? Add some reinforcement with this simple scotch tape hack. Good luck trying to get in here Booger Man!

  1. Foggy Webcam

Tired of people seeing how stupid you look while you’re Skyping? Try putting a piece of scotch tape over your webcam. Now nobody will ever know how dumb you look!

  1. Mini Juice Pouch

Sometimes you’re really thirsty for some juice, but sometimes you want just a sip. Make your own juice pouch with a piece of scotch tape. Ah! Refreshing! But not too refreshing!

  1. Sticky Ball

A crumpled up ball of scotch tape. Use your imagination you fool!

  1. DIY Bookmark

Can’t afford a real bookmark? Use a piece of scotch tape. And don’t worry about your bookmark ever slipping out of your book. It’s stuck right where you left it.

Have any other scotch tape hacks you’d like to share? Comment below or send an e-mail to comments@thankscurtis.com.


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